About Bio-Marine Enterprises

Bio-Marine Enterprises and the Research Vessel Kittiwake are committed to the facilitation of good science. My graduate work and personal research efforts in the marine sciences lend a special sensitivity to our efforts to facilitate the collection of quality field data. Forty years of marine research experience, thirty-four years at the helm of the R/V Kittiwake, contribute to a refinement of effort rarely duplicated in Puget Sound. Such quality and efficiency are a natural consequence of this commitment to good science and the years of experience pursuing that goal.


Charles M. Eaton, M.S.
Bio-Marine Enterprises, R/V Kittiwake
2717 Third Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98109
206.714.1055 (mobile)

Carr Inlet Sunset
Carr Inlet Sunset
Kittiwake after a long day
Kittiwake after a long day
Kittiwake in Sunset